hitch-hiking man with gimmelift

Richard Gabrieli,

cross-country paraglider pilot,

musician, http://gabrieli.hu/

“It is way more useful than I have ever expected.”

Gábor Wiederwald,

multiple winner of the Hungarian Cross Country Cup,

proprietor, http://alpinbau.hu/

„I’m one of the most active cross country paraglider pilots in Hungary. Just like others practicing this sport, I have also frequently experienced the desperate situation of needing a ride at dusk on a side road somewhere far away from home. Using Gimmelift helped me tremendously in these cases.”

hitch-hiking man with gimmelift

Szabolcs Köteles,

cross-country paraglider pilot


“Incredibly effective! I have never been left stranded on the road.”

If you have used Gimmelift and would like to share your own hitchhiking experience, we would be delighted to hear about it. Attach a cool picture illustrating how you use Gimmelift, and we will be happy to post it here or on our Facebook page, with your consent of course.


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